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1 "México bautismos, 1560-1950", database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:NLJ1-GMP).

Name: Epifania Sanches Gallardo
Sex: Female
Father's Name: Genaro Sanches
Mother's Name: Juana Gallardo
Event Type: Christening
Event Date: 12 Apr 1863
Event Place: Nuestro Padre Jesus, Salinas, San Luis Potosí, México (Original: Nuestro Padre Jesus, Salinas del Penon Blanco, San Luis Potosi, Mexico)

Sanches Gallardo, Maria Epifanea (I108)
2 * researching, looking for documentation on date. Family F82
3 Abraham and his 2nd wife, Sarah Emma Fraley, had other children: Frank, Lillie, Pearl, Alma & John. I am researching others. Duncan, Abraham (I148)
4 Abraham's first wife and children.

Dora Bell Neil (Neal) (wife)
BIRTH 5 APR 1885 • Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
DEATH 15 MAY 1968 • Dayton, Campbell, Kentucky, USA

Ernest Edger Walker
BIRTH 18 JUN 1908 • Cookeville, Putnam, Tennessee, USA
DEATH 1 DECEMBER 1984 • Campbell County, Kentucky, USA

Beulah Mildred Walker
BIRTH ABT 1910 • Tennessee

Thomas Preston Walker
BIRTH JAN. 21, 1912 • Cookeville, Putnam, Tennessee, USA
DEATH MAR. 15, 2002 • Beech Grove, Marion, Indiana, USA

Emma M Neil Walker
BIRTH 18 MAY 1913 • Jackson County, Tennessee
DEATH 23 MAY 1918 • Jackson County, Tennessee

Walker, Abraham William (I50)
5 After the death of Anguish in 1894, Sarah remarried a man named S.M. Horton. Documentation for this is the 1900 census where she is a widow by the name of Horton, and her father's obituary in 1900 which also names her as Mrs. Emma Horton. I have been unable to find the name and details of Mr. Horton so far. Larrison, Sarah Emmaus (I135)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I412)
7 All I have is a name of Mario Eulalio Hernandez and Maria Martina Salas as found on the marriage and death records of their son.  Hernandez, Mario Eulalio (I103)
8 Another family genealogist (John Ermis) has information that points to his date of death maybe being 24 Apr 1894 in Hallettsville. Hermis, Franz Frank (I94)
9 As Margaret became older, and needed more care, she went to live with her daughter Linda in Austin. Hermis, Margaret Justine (I7)
10 Bayley, Baley Bayly, Rachel (I146)
11 Both bride and groom are "of Electra, Tx" on the marriage license. Family F20
12 Burial at Cedervale Cemetery, Bay City, TX (Turn onto Cemetery road, turn left onto 2nd lane, plot is on left - row 3) Figueroa, Cruz Jr (I454)
13 Burial location unknown. Not found in Cedarvale or Roselawn cemeteries. (11/2/2020) Figueroa, Ramon Sr (I66)
14 Buried at Cedarvale Cemetery. Rodriguez, Catarina (I61)
15 Buried in Cedarvale Cemetery. Hernandez, Hortencia (I13)
16 Buried in the Kennedy family cemetery. Kennedy, John Harrison (I169)
17 Burkburnett Memorial Cemetery Jarmon, Grady Lee (I41)
18 Cedarvale Cemetery - Buried with his son Jesse's ashes buried at his feet. Buried next to his son Cruz Jr. Figueroa, Cruz Sr (I10)
19 Crestview Memorial Park Walker, Alta Wraye (I5)
20 Date and Location is unconfirmed. Possibly born in Maryland (A Caleb Greenwood was in Frederick County, Maryland in 1757.) Greenwood, Henry Bailey (I142)
21 Date and location unconfirmed.  Greenwood, Caleb (I145)
22 Date and location unconfirmed. This is the last location he is found in, so far. Greenwood, Caleb (I145)
23 Died at 83 from heart disease. McCollough, Clarence E. (I4)
24 Duncan Municipal Cemetery Marsh, Harold Johnson (I42)
25 Edgar's Cemetery on Crayne's Run McCullough, John (I157)
26 Edgar's Cemetery on Crayne's Run Unknown, Sarah (I158)
27 Elizabeth married Berry Taylor 6 Feb 1859 in Carroll County Georgia. Together they had 1 son names James. In the 1880 census she and James were living with her brother William and listed as widowed. Kennedy, Elizabeth A (I161)
28 First Christian Church Family F8
29 First marriage to Magdalena Janak - b. 1829, d. 1867
Children from that marriage include:
Frank - b: 1850
John Ermis - b. 1855 Moravia, d. 1918 Schulenburg, TX
Theresia Sally - b. 1858 Moravia, d. 1936 Lavaca Co., TX
David - b. 1861
Mary - b. 1865
Rosena - b. 1867, d. 1897 
Family F44
30 Goshen Baptist Cemetery Swinney, Sinah (I33)
31 Goshen Baptist Cemetery Fulton, James B (I32)
32 Have been unable to find Mary's family. I did a quick search for Lawrence in the 1850 census in her area and did find one family in Grimes County but have yet to connect them in any way. On Family Search someone has her father as John Lawrence but nothing to show for proof. Lawrence, Mary Polly (I139)
33 Henry was buried in Joel Greenwood Cemetery in 1835. In a 1958 survey, Henry's stone was the only one left. In 1975, family had the stone moved to Franklin Greenwood Cemetery (now Stoneham Cemetery). However, Henry is still buried in Joel Greenwood Cemetery. GPS coordinates are an estimate according to old directions. Greenwood, Henry Bailey (I142)
34 Holy Catholic Parsonage in Bay City Family F6
35 I am still looking for information that confirms that Elizabeth's maiden name is Carroll. It is only found on Georgia Ann's death certificate, I cannot make out who the information was. Carroll, Elizabeth (I170)
36 I have not been able to find if she died in Alabama or in Texas. Grantham, Cyrene (I137)
37 I only have names for this husband and wife, obtained from the baptism records, as well as marriage and death records of their children. 1845 to 1858 baptism records put them in the area of Mexquitic de Carmona, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Rangel, Jose De Jesus (I105)
38 I only have names for this husband and wife, obtained from the baptism records, as well as marriage and death records of their children. 1845 to 1858 baptism records put them in the area of Mexquitic de Carmona, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Gutierres, Maria De Los Santos (I106)
39 I was told (by her grandson) that the V is only a V, no middle name. Lynch, Winnie V (I27)
40 I'm looking into the possibility that our Rachel is actually a daughter of Henry Jr and not Henry Sr. Henry Sr's daughter was born in 1711 (baptism records) and Henry Jr's daughter born about 1730. But I need to confirm that Henry Jr had a daughter named Rachel. *(pyggypop67's tree) Bayly, Rachel (I146)
41 I'm looking into whether she may be buried in the same cemetery as her father and brothers, one being a reverend of that church. Macedonia Baptist Cemetery in Doddridge, AR. Porterfield, Elizabeth (I166)
42 Information to be updated soon.

Also have children:
Sarah Sallie
Melissa Alice
Jules Elwood 
Hamilton, Nancy Jane (I79)
43 Information to be updated soon.

Also have children:
Sarah Sallie
Melissa Alice
Jules Elwood 
Payne, William John (I78)
44 It is rumored that he is buried in Larrison Cemetery with his son Willie (from his 2nd marriage). This is unconfirmed and being researched. Duncan, Abraham (I148)
45 Joel later remarried 3 times after the death of Mary. His last marriage being to Sarah Fraley. Her brother Caleb Fraley was married to Joel's sister Sarah. Larrison, Joel Greenwood (I138)
46 John & Cyrene also had the following children, and maybe others not listed.
Duane - b: 1837, Alabama
Matthew - b: 1839, Alabama
Caroline - b: 1845, Alabama
Cyrene - b: 1851, Alabama 
Family F66
47 Living in Wichita Falls, but passed away at Oklahoma City hospital. Payne, Richard K Sr (I8)
48 More documents point to his name being spelled as Payton versus Peyton. Payne, Payton Lee (I22)
49 Not married. Family F21
50 Other (verified) children for Joel and Mary include:
Martha Louise - b: 11 Sep 1856 Madison County, TX; d: 25 Jun 1942 Madisonville, Madison, TX
V.E. (Virginia?) b: abt 1867 Texas. Only found in 1 census, possibly died young.

Other family trees on Ancestry show there to possibly be 2 other children but no documentation to verify.
Daniel Greenwood - b: 1848
William F. - b: 1854; d: 1856 
Family F67

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