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Two Pioneer Cemeteries of Grimes County, Texas

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  • Title Two Pioneer Cemeteries of Grimes County, Texas 
    Short Title Two Pioneer Cemeteries of Grimes County, Texas 
    Author Louis L. Stoneham 
    Source ID S10 
    Text One of the oldest burial sites in the Stoneham-Plantersville area is the Joel Greenwood Cemetery. Not a single marker now stands of the approximately 25 persons who were buried in this area over the years.

    The writer said that as of June 3, 1958, there was only one marker left in the cemetery, that of Henry Bailey Greenwood, the father of Joel Greenwood and that he was buried in 1835. The Greenwood marker was broken and in 1978, the descendants received permission to have it removed and placed in the Stoneham Cemetery where his son, Franklin Jarvis Greenwood and other Greenwood members are buried. For a while, it was thought by present members of the family that Mrs. H.G. Greenwood who died in 1836 was buried in the Greenwood Cemetery; but one of her descendants from Madison County told of her death. She had gone to her daughter’s family in Madison County to help nurse sick members of the family. She contacted the illness herself, and died in a matter of a few days. When one of her sons went to bring her home, he was met on the road by a relative with the news her death and burial there. 
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